5 Year Anniversary Symbol: Why is Wood the Gift?

June 13, 2024 5 min read 1 Comment

overhead: personalized wooden cutting board with charcuterie and cheese

The combination of wood and weddings holds a special place in my heart: my husband and I started Words with Boards during our fifth anniversary.

The business has definitely tested our strength and durability and we are happy to say that we are still going strong!

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is not just about marking another year together; it's about commemorating the love, companionship, and shared experiences that have fortified the union between you and your partner. Each anniversary is a milestone, a testament to the love and commitment that has carried you for five years.

Let us help you celebrate with traditional and modern gift ideas related to wood.

Wood products are the most sought-after options for a 5 year anniversary gift. A personalized wooden cutting board is a unique way to embrace the tradition of wood anniversary gifts — it will make a lasting impact and will show your partner how much you care.

overhead: wood tray with name and date

5 Year Anniversary Symbolism 

The fifth wedding anniversary is especially significant. Five years - half a decade - of shared memories, experiences, laughter, arguments, compromises, and above all, love. It is a testament to the enduring bond you share with your partner, an occasion that needs to be celebrated with a thoughtful gift, something that embodies the spirit of your relationship.

Wood is a perfect 5 year anniversary gift for many reasons. To start, trees symbolize strength and wisdom. The thought is by the fifth year, the marriage has also developed these same traits. Like trees, which grow and thrive over time, a marriage, by its fifth year, has typically weathered various storms and blossomed into a strong, enduring bond.

annivesary gifts

The resilience of wood reflects the fortitude of a union that has stood the test of time and challenges. Additionally, wood signifies a future of continued growth and stability, embedding a sense of continuity and enduring affection in the relationship.

Giving a gift made of wood on the five year anniversary is not only traditional but also deeply symbolic of the sturdy, wise, and nurtured love that the couple has cultivated together.

Imagine a Personalized Cutting Board with the anniversary date engraved on the bottom. Add in some Cheese Knives and voila, you have an excellent choice for a 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

What is the Meaning Behind a 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift?

We have etiquette maven Emily Post to thank for wood anniversary gifts. In her 1922 book titled Etiquette, she assigned “traditional gifts” to different anniversary years, with wood as the 5th anniversary gift.

Her specific motivations around including wood as a 5 year anniversary gift is lost to history, but many attribute it to wood’s strength and durability over time, as well as the way wood weathers and becomes even more beautiful as it ages.

These are all qualities of a good marriage. And, also like marriage, wood is even more beautiful and vibrant when it is well cared for. For these reasons, it makes sense that Ms. Post chose wood as a 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

 wedding anniversary heart board


Wood Anniversary Gifts

Here at Words with Boards, we believe special and unique wood anniversary gifts are the best kind. Modern gifts for the contemporary couple on their fifth anniversary is a home run.

As a bonus we will also include a laser-engraved date on the bottom of any cutting board at no extra cost!

laser engraved wedding date

You’ll never forget your wedding date! No coupon code needed — just enter the date in the “Special Instructions” section when ordering.

Cutting out your names and your wedding date onto a wooden cutting board would be perfect for a 5th anniversary gift. Try it on our Large Personalized Cutting Board or the Wedding Bells Cutting Board with the wedding date cut out of the wood.

anniversary gift

5 Year Anniversary Gift Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a perfect anniversary gift?


It's not about the cost or how extravagant it is. The essence of giving gifts lies in the thought and effort that goes into it. Thoughtful gifts are customized with your partner's tastes and preferences in mind which can create memories that will last a lifetime.

What is a traditional 5 year anniversary gift?


Any of our wooden cutting boards, pizza peel, wood tray or any other of our wooden products would make for an excellent fifth anniversary gift, symbolizing the strength and durability of your marriage.

You can make it your own and personalize it with your first names, last name, your wedding date, or even the name of the place where you were married. These small touches will give your wood gift more meaning. And, when your wedding date is etched into the wood you won't forget the date!

What are some other wood anniversary gift ideas?


In addition to one of our cutting boards, you could also include some wooden utensils! We have a variety of different options, from a pie server and jelly spoon to a nut butter spreader. Your partner won’t be able to resist creating their next charcuterie board when they have the right tools to make one.

You can also pair a custom cutting board gift with a cooking or charcuterie making class for a fun experience for you both.

Adding wooden jewelry or silverware to your gifts is another thoughtful wood anniversary gift idea.

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No matter what you choose as a gift, ensure it comes from the heart. After all, the fifth wedding anniversary is a significant milestone, marking five years of love, commitment, shared dreams, and companionship. Make it count!

What color represents 5 years of marriage?

Each wedding anniversary is also assigned a color. There are three colors, they are turquoise, blue and pink which represent 5 years of marriage, so you may consider incorporating one or more of these colors in your gift. We have any idea of how you can incorporate the color turquoise.

5th annivesary gift

Our real crushed stone turquoise inlay wood cutting board with initial fits the bill. You can choose a first name initial or if you share the same last name you can use that initial.

If you love the idea of the turquoise but don't like the initial, no problem. We can also inlay other shapes. For example, if you have a wedding logo or if you both love to ski just email us what you want in the Special Instructions section on the product page and we will be in touch.

Which flower symbolizes the fifth anniversary gift?

Hint: It's a white flower with a yellow center (although it does also come in other colors).

It's the traditional flower named daisy of course. The daisy is really 2 different flowers which have been blended together perfectly. Just like a traditional marriage which is a bond of two people.

When you pair a wooden cutting board with some daisies it's sure to melt her (or his) heart.

Your 5th Anniversary Gift: Celebrate With Us!

We are so glad you came to us to help celebrate this happy occasion of your fifth wedding anniversary! If you have any questions or ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments below. We hope you find the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary!

You will also be happy to know we plant a tree for every wooden cutting board sold. You can read about our tree planting program here.

Complimentary Concierge Service

Need help customizing your 5 year anniversary gift? We're available to offer help and answer any questions you have!

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Sheila Gold
Sheila Gold

August 29, 2018

I have always wanted to know what would be a unique 5th-anniversary gift. How I just need to decide what to say on my personalized cutting board.
AWESOME WORK and cool cutting boards and personalized gifts. THANKS!

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