Why Wood Is The Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift

Well, to start, trees are a symbol of strength and wisdom. And, the thought is by the fifth year, the marriage is also developing these same traits. Wood is durable and a wood cutting board carved with the couple’s name, is a symbol that the marriage will be the same. So wood it is! Everyone needs a cutting board, right? So, of course, we agree the ideal fifth anniversary gift is wood...

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Making It Personal: Why Unique Wedding Gifts, and Buying Off Registry, Are a Great Choice

Making wedding gift decisions can be overwhelming – there are so many choices on the gift registry – but going off registry and giving a unique wedding gift has its benefits. Our customers tell us all the time that the unique cutting board they personalized as a wedding gift was the couple’s favorite gift. Personalization has been around for millennia – archaeologists in South Africa have found engraved water carriers...

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate. The Lazy Susan- A great way to display all that goodness

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to eat chocolate – if you need an excuse, that is. We love a good dessert display and this lazy susan covered with dark chocolate doesn’t disappoint. It looks pretty – and nobody can resist spinning the lazy susan to find the exact piece they want. When I went searching for the health benefits of dark chocolate, I found a lot of information, but what’s...

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Myths & Realities of Wedding Gift Etiquette

From Words with Boards, the home of unique wedding gifts. With the holidays behind us and Valentine’s Day on the way – both prime wedding engagement times – mailboxes all over the country are about to fill up with save-the-dates and wedding invitations. You know what you need to do with the RSVP cards (answer them promptly!) but when it comes to wedding gift-giving, the etiquette waters are a little...

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How to Clean Your Wood Cutting Board

Most of the time around Words with Boards HQ, we like to focus on the fun stuff you can do with your wood cutting boards – the meals you can make, the cocktails you can prep, the cheese boards you can display. But we’re practical, too. To keep wood cutting boards great-looking and useful for years, it’s important to take good care of them. Careful maintenance, including cleaning, conditioning and...

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Not So Lazy After All? : The Story behind the Lazy Susan a.k.a. the ultimate kitchen organization tool

There’s just something about Susan. Lazy Susan, that is. For years, I’ve thought the rotating trays are not only cool, but also useful. If there’s a better way to share family-style food with people, I can’t imagine what it is. Recently, we started producing Lazy Susans of our own and after using our version, I’ve fallen even more in love with the concept. They make kitchen organization and dinnertime so...

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State Pride: Shouting It Loud with Cutting Boards and Kitchen Trivets

Here in Baltimore, where Words with Boards HQ is located, I can’t drive down a street without seeing a Maryland flag flying high, or walk into a coffee shop without spotting at least one person wearing a t-shirt devoted to the Old Line State.  And, state pride also seems to run high in other states I visit. It’s no surprise to me, then, that our Maryland-themed cutting boards and our...

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What We Learned from Julia Child in 10 Quotes

Monday – August 15 – would be the 104th birthday of the late, great Julia Child. Though she’s been gone for a dozen years, the statuesque lady with serious kitchen skills and a wicked sense of humor continues to inspire us here at Words with Boards HQ. Every time we stand over a wood cutting board, knife in hand, gaze lovingly at a stick of butter, or accidentally drop a...

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5 Recipes to Help Make the Most of Farmer’s Market Finds

When it comes to cooking at home, August is my absolute favorite month. It’s when my wood cutting boards – and you know I have more than a few – get the biggest workout. From tomato salads to zucchini dips to just plain old sliced fruit, this month offers up one golden cooking opportunity after another. Here in Baltimore, there are dozens of farmers’ markets to choose from, and they’re...

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How to Pick Crabs

In Maryland we love our crabs and labs (the puppy kind), so it’s no surprise that one of our most popular cutting boards has a crab on top. Our crab trivet is pretty popular too. Again, no surprise. We can’t get enough of our state crustacean. If you’re from Maryland, like I am, you should already know how to pick blue crabs. It is part of growing up in Maryland....

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