Why you need a wood trivet from Words with Boards.

A wood trivet from Words with Boards will protect your countertops! It's not only very useful and practical but it's also decorative when not being used for it's intended purpose.

A trivet or hot pad is placed between your dinning room table or your kitchen counter and a hot pot or pan. Our artisan style natural wood trivets are a great choice because they are non-skid and made from maple wood.

The 8" x 8" classic square size is not too small or too large. It will hold any size or shape pot or pan. The height is 1.5" so you can rest assured it is tall enough to keep the heat away from the surface you are trying to protect.

When it is not being used you can keep it on your counter or table, rest it against your backsplash or hang it on the wall

What are the different styles of trivets?

We've taken your suggestions and feedback and now offer so many styles of decorative wooden trivets. The style comes from the cut out you choose as they are all made of hard maple wood which is sourced from the US.

  1. Looking for a custom gift then look no further than our monogram trivet. You can choose the initial of a first name or last name for a gift that keeps on giving. They will always remember who gave it to them:-)
  2. For all the animals lovers out there check out our rooster or pig table trivets. These two iconic animal shapes are highly collectible. Many a kitchen are decorated with these animals.
  3. If you live on the coast or have a beach house our palm tree coastal trivet or crab trivet design would be a perfect decorative compliment to your home.
  4. The state shape cut out is a great housewarming gift for all people who love to show off state pride.
  5. Some of our most popular trivets are the word trivets, they sure do make a statement. The hot trivet is witty and is sure to garner a smile to anyone who sees it.
  6. The Love trivet is given mostly as wedding and shower gifts.

What makes a Words with Boards trivet different?

For starters the wood trivets are 100% American Made at the Words with Boards wood shop. The wood is sustainably forested and we plant a tree for each one we sell.

Each design is hand cut with a scroll saw. The saw is a machine but standing in front of it is a human who is using the tiny blade to cut out the shape. The blade is akin to a sewing machine needle. It is basically the same process just a different material and machine.

The trivets stand off the surface higher than most due to the thickness of the wood and the rubber like feet which are screwed into the bottom. The feet prevents it from slipping when a hot pot is put on top.

Each one comes in a cotton drawstring bag which make them ready to gift.

How to clean and care for a wood trivet.

Since you aren't serving food directly on a wood trivet it shouldn't get too dirty. To prevent the wood from cracking or breaking you should not put them in the dishwasher. Just simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

When the wood looks dry you can treat it with coconut oil or food-grade mineral oil. We add a little lemon essence to the oil to give it a fresh scent. We also bottle it with a spray top so it is easy to apply.

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