Mini Cutting Boards Buyer's Guide

Don’t be fooled by the words “mini cutting boards”, they may be small but they are also mighty (and very practical!).

We offer 20 different styles, from monograms and words to shapes like a heart or lips cut out of the top. We have something for everyone!

The Different Styles of Mini Cutting Boards

The compact size easily fits in a small cooler or bag. Carry it to wherever you are gathering..

You can add the words of your choice to your board and have the placement of them along the edge of the board to make it visible even when the board is full of veggies or fruits. From your name to a specific date, you can get any letter or number you want on the board.

What’s more, you have the option to cut out shapes like lips, hearts, or a mustache inside the board, making it truly unique. Here are a few of them:

Bar Mini Cutting Board

The perfect addition to your bar, this mini cutting board is an ideal size for cutting oranges, lemons, and limes for your favorite drinks.

You can even have a bottle opener added to the board to make it multi-functional and way cooler.

Monogram Boards

If you’re searching for a personalized gift for someone, you’ve come to the right place. You can personalize our mini cutting board with monograms and add up to three initials.

This gives you the option to include the initials of the first, middle, and last names, or you can personalize it with the initials of two names (think bride and groom).

Words Cut Out Boards

With words cut out or an engraved cutting board, you get a board that’s a beautiful addition to your kitchen. What makes our boards even more unique is that the words are carved out using a scroll saw by one of our very talented artisans.

You can either choose from the available options or get something personalized like a monogrammed board with your name, boards that remind you of a special date, place where you live or where you were born. The possibilities to make your mini cutting boards even more special are endless.

Examples of existing boards include engravings like “YUM,” “BMORE,” “BFF,” and “Love”. Another unique example is of a board with time stamp 5:00 on it.

Carved Design Boards

Are you on the search for some fun, quirky options? We have some designs just for you. You may choose from designs carved out in boards, such as heart, lips or mustache design.

Whatever your choice may be, these mini cutting boards will add some personality to your kitchen and can be the ice-breaker in a party you host.

What can I use my mini cutting board for?

Party favors

Be it a bachelor party or a bachelorette party, these mini boards could be a great addition to the gift bag or a standalone souvenir. You can choose the one with a heart design carved out or a board with “Love” engraved in it to celebrate the occasion.

Hostess gifts

Wine bottles and food items are great but wouldn’t you want to be the guest who brings over the thoughtful gift? Mini cutting boards can be your go-to gift idea for exactly that reason. It’ll be a unique conversation starter, too.

Making salads and food prep

If you want to mince garlic, slice shallots, halve cherry tomatoes, or just chop some basil leaves for your salad, mini cutting boards can be your go-to boards. Chopping nuts or fruits for your dessert bowls on this board can be a breeze too.


The best part? You can easily fit this board anywhere and clean it up later easily. It works especially well for limited counter space in the kitchen.

Use as a trivet

You can make use of these boards as trivets to protect your tabletops and counters from burn marks of hot pots and dishes. The small cutting board with personalized engravings will also grace your surfaces better than any other trivet.

Addition to your bar party

Instead of carrying large-sized plastic cutting boards for slicing fruits for your cocktails, have a fun addition to your bar party in the form of a mini-cutting board that helps in both cutting your fruits and opening those bottles of your favorite drinks.

Picnics and outings

You can easily carry a mini cutting board in your bag to a picnic in the park and prepare or serve sandwiches on it, cut up slices for salad bowls, or even slice fruits for dessert bowls.

Travel companion

A mini cutting board can be your favorite travel companion. Take it with you on a picnic or for a boat outing. If you have kids in your house, you might want to put this board in your backpack so that you can cut fruits and veggies on it while you are on the go. If you have a portable smoothie maker, you can even chop up fruits on your board and have a healthy breakfast even if you’re not at home.

Unique decor

You can hang your mini board on the wall of your kitchen and it could serve as a beautiful piece of decor for your kitchen. You can easily spot it when you need it too.

What makes Words With Boards' mini cutting boards different?

While you have many options when purchasing your next cutting board, Words with Boards is unique and has been recommended by the likes of Oprah and Drew Barrymore. Here are some factors that make us stand out:

Handmade with love

Extremely talented artisans make your boards by hand-designing them and then cutting the names out of wood. They are also individually sanded by hand. This personalization and handmade touch are what make our products unique and special.

When you buy from us, you’re not only getting cutting boards that are lovingly made but you are also supporting local artisans.

Made from premium American hardwoods

All our cutting boards are made from premium American hardwoods that are durable and hard enough for cutting and serving.

You can choose from three American hardwood types to match your kitchen decor or your individual requirements.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the next mini-cutting board to grace your kitchen or gift a loved one, choose from the wide range of options above.