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1 product sold = 1 tree planted

Words with Boards is committed to doing what we can for the environment including reforestation. Since day one the American hardwoods used to make our cutting boards and other wooden products have come from sustainable, healthy forests. But there are areas in the U.S. where the forests are unhealthy and shrinking at an alarming rate.  
Forests are vital for the health of each of us and our world so starting now we will plant a tree for every wooden product sold through our website. We have partnered with One Tree Planted a 501C3 nonprofit to make this happen. With your help, we can plant a forest!
Below is a breakdown of the 4 states that need our help the most and why:

california forest fires

California has lost over 1 million acres to forest fires in 2017 alone(and that doesn’t include the 2018 forest fires),
with millions of more trees dying
due to drought, infestations, and tree diseases associated with climate change.
A record 129 million trees need to be restored in California.


oregon forest fires

Oregon has an estimated 522,000 acres of forest cover that has disappeared since 2000.

That's an area 6x larger than the city of Portland, equal to more than half of Oregon's designated state forests. 


colorado forest fires

Colorado has 24.4 million acres of forests which face serious threats from insect infestations, long-term drought, and forest fires. Unhealthy forests affect flooding, erosion and water quality to name a few.

southern pine beetles

Florida is home to 37 state forests which cover over 1,070,000 acres. These forests provide its residents and tourists fresh air, wildlife habitat, clean water and enjoyable outdoor recreation. Unhealthy forests are contributing to disastrous wildfires and outbreaks of southern pine beetles. Strong storms and hurricanes contribute to long-term damage to forest resources.

one tree planted

Photo from One Tree Planted