This personalized charcuterie board makes the perfect gift.

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personalized charcuterie board, maple wood with names carved out

These days, charcuterie boards are not just loaded with fancy meats. Hosts are making charcuterie-style platers with everything from deli meats and cheeses to candy and sweet treats and pretty much anything else you can think of serving on a tray.

With an infinite number of ways to serve up charcuterie, it is essential to have a charcuterie board that is just as unique as what is piled on top.

Personalization options

When it comes to choosing a personalized board, there are a lot of custom options to consider. Some things to think about to guide your choices include: what will you serve on it? How many people are you hosting? Do you plan to use it as a cutting board as well? Will it be for fruits and veggies? Meat? Bread?


If you are planning to host large gatherings and serve lavish displays, a larger, sturdier board will be ideal. This14” by 18” board will provide plenty of serving real estate and the custom engraved edge will be on display even when it’s loaded up with goodies. This large board by Words with Boards is uniquely made with a slope to catch juices and is designed to be reversible. The flip side is flat making it ideal for cutting as well as serving.

charcuterie board

If you’re looking for a board for a romantic dinner for two, thisbeautiful board is the perfect size for intimate settings. It’s smaller but still large enough to fit a few delicious items on.


There is no need to limit yourself to a rectangular or square board! Round boards can be the perfect option for the center of a table. This round cutting board was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things Holiday List and is the perfect personalized gift for any celebration.

round cutting board

Thislive edge board guarantees no one will have the same shaped board. While roughly a rectangle, the live edge gives it natural dimension and shape.

live edge cutting board

This heart shaped cheese board will steal your heart with its beautiful cherry wood, grooved edge, and personalization. The groove around the edge makes it look like a heart within a heart and for each one sold a tree is planted!

heart-shaped cutting board

Type of wood

The wonderful thing about hardwood cutting boards is that every board is a unique piece of art. Words with Boards offers a choice of maple, cherry, or walnut for nearly all of their pieces.

types of wood

Maple wood is light in color with a yellow undertone that makes it feel bright and sunny. Cherry wood is a medium shade with a redder tint. Its warm and welcoming color can add dimension to a tablescape or countertop display. Walnut is the darkest of the three kinds of wood with a rich brown hue. If you are looking for a bit of drama, it is the color for you. All three wood options make for a beautiful personalized charcuterie board.

Engravings, carvings, and inlays

When it comes to personalization, the small details, and personalized lettering can take your board to the next level. Words with Boards uses stunning, real crushed stone to create their inlay designs and combines carved lettering with laser engraving.


The Words with Boards stone collection features three new boards to choose from. This small stone inlay board is perfect for serving two or three people and can be personalized with a beautiful initial. You can choose from Turquoise, Malachite, or Lapis for the inlay.

cutting board with stone inlay

Personalized words

Creating a personalized charcuterie board with a family name, first names, or meaningful words can make a cutting board even more unique. Words with Boards customizes boards with one-of-a-kind hand-cut lettering and engraving options.

The hand-cut letters are created using a scroll saw and the placement along the edge of the board makes them visible even when the board is full of delicious snacks.

Personalized charcuterie board, maple wood with names carved out

Labels to guide guests

Do you host guests with dietary restrictions? These boards are the perfect addition to a collection of personalized charcuterie boards for people navigating food restrictions. Customizable with hand-cut lettering, they also come engraved with phrases to guide your vegan, gluten-free, and kosher guests.

gluten free cutting board

Features to look for

When choosing a personalized cutting board, make sure that it is functional for your purpose and made using quality hardwoods. The thickness of the wood is also something to consider. Our butcher block boards are 1 ⅛” thick which means it won’t move when chopping on it.

Easy to care for

While it may come as a surprise, wooden boards are actually easy to care for. You can follow thesecleaning and care instructions to keep your boards' food safe and beautiful. With a little bit of soapy water and a small amount of food-grade mineral oil, you can keep your board looking and smelling clean. A well cared for board will last many years.

Doubles as a cutting board

Not all personalized charcuterie boards can double as cutting boards, but the sturdy wooden boards made by Words with Boards are ideally designed to pull double duty. You might find this option important, especially if you cook as much as you host. This waves board can be used for chopping or as a cheese board. You can chop on one side and serve on the other side.

casa del mar personalized cutting board


When searching for wood personalized cutting boards, it is increasingly common to see bamboo options toted as sustainable wood, but there are other ways to ensure wooden boards are made with sustainability in mind so you can feel good about choosing a stunning hardwood option. Words with Boards plants a tree for each board purchased and makes their cutting boards out of sustainably harvested wood. You can be confident with your purchase knowing you are supporting local artists and making good choices for the environment.

Who doesn’t love a personalized board?

A custom board is a great personalized gift. Bring one as a housewarming gift to celebrate a new home, commemorate a wedding date with custom engraving, or surprise a friend with the perfect gift for any occasion. They are also a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. This personalized board features a carved dancing couple to celebrate the traditional first dance and makes an unforgettable wedding gift.

audrey and john charcuterie cutting board

Wood goes with any home decor and adds a touch of elegance to a spread of delicious food. Words with Boards personalized charcuterie boards are of great quality and beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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February 15, 2023

Hi Janet,
Right now our turnaround time for a personalized charcuterie board is 5-7 days. You can let us know when you need it by in the Special Instructions section on the product page.
I hope that helps!

Janet  Clark
Janet Clark

February 15, 2023

Could you tell me the turnaround time when ordering a personalized boatd?


August 04, 2022

Yes, we have laser engraved a house (and people) images on a board. You can reach out to me at


August 04, 2022

Have you ever etched a house on the board?

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