Maple Cutting Board

Our maple cutting boards landed on Oprah's Favorite Things Holiday List in 2015!

The maple wood color is light and modern which makes it our most popular wood.

Features & Benefits of Maple Cutting Boards

🍁 Its light, modern color goes with any decor.

🍁 Maple hardwood is durable due to its dense wood grain, which makes for a great cutting surface.

🍁 We find a maple wood cutting boards doesn't dry out as fast as the other woods, which make caring for it a little easier.

🍁 The maple wood we use to make cutting boards come from sustainable forests and for every product sold, a tree is planted in North America. Read more One Tree Planted.


Personalized Maple Cutting Boards

This is our number one seller. This maple cutting board measures 16" x 12.5" x 1.125".

Our round maple cutting board comes in 14", 16" or 18". A beautiful way serve charcuterie!

If you love the beach or lake then this is the maple cutting board for you:)      h

This single initial monogram is cut out of the wood. Simple, beautiful and useful!

The design of the cut out wedding bells was a customer suggestion:)

The natural beauty of a solid maple cutting board with live edge can't be beat.


Most people like to display their Personalized Maple Cutting Board when it's not in use. Our Cutting Board Holder is a great way to do this. For those who don't want to see the knife marks, we say cut on the back! Personally, we like the cut marks, but we understand if you don't.

Maple Cutting Board Care

A maple cutting board will last a lifetime if well cared for.

Let's start with the most important thing to know - a wooden cutting board should never be put in the dishwasher or sit in water.

The high temperature and steam in a dishwasher will dry out your maple cutting board to the point where it can not be repaired. And water will foster mold growth. Water and wood are not friends.

You should wash your cutting board with mild soap and water (Dawn detergent is not mild), wipe it off and let it air dry standing up or on a cookie sheet so the air can easily flow all around.

Once dry (about 24 hours after washed), you should apply and rub in food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil and let that soak in. Repeat these steps as needed. More often in the beginning and less over time as it becomes more "seasoned".

Read the full Cutting Board Care Instructions here.

Wooden Cutting Board Types

Are you interested in exploring the other Wooden Cutting Board Types we offer here at Words with Boards? We have created the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect cutting board wood for you. Check it out below!

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