Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

March 13, 2022 2 min read

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


If you're looking for Easter Basket Ideas for Kids, Words with Boards has you covered! Our theme this year is less candy and more fun. Check out our ideas below for gifts that create the perfect basket, while also encouraging creative good ole fashion playtime.

A Christmas ornament for Easter? It makes sense when it's our Woodland Bunny Ornament.Bunnies are a big part of the Easter tradition and this one would be an unexpected addition to the Easter basket! This whimsical ornament is made from sustainable American hardwoods, a natural material that is safe for kids of all ages. They can even display their Woodland Bunny Ornament year-round by hanging it from their door or in their favorite spot.

We started repurposing our wooden leftover pieces and calling it Scrapple® a few years ago. Not only do they look like little robots and creatures but it creates less waste in our woodshop. They get sorted and put in a tumbler to soften the edges and then eye holes are drilled in some of the pieces to make them come alive. They are fun on their own or can be painted for a rainy day activity. Plus, for each one sold we will plant a tree.

Looking for an engaging and fun activity for your kids? Our Animal Craftsare the perfect way for your kids to express themselves while also learning a thing or two about our Earth.Animal Crafts come in 7 different animal types, Lion, Zebra, Giraffe, Turtle, Seahorse, Fish, and Octopus. They eachcome with instructions, 1 wood animal, yarn, and a small stick. They are verstaile in purpose and can be displayed as unique decor for your kids' room or even as an ornament. Further step-by-step process for creating your animal craft can be found onhere.

Easter Time Family Traditions:


A fun and memorable tradition in our home, which I learned from my sister, is to make bunny paw prints on the floor and over furniture that leads to the basket(s). I would just make these prints with some flour and my fingers but nowadays there are downloadable stencils and templates if you really want to go all out.  

It’s so fun to watch them follow the tracks to find the basket. An Easter morning tradition they will always remember and do with their children.

Another timeless tradition my friend Chrissy does with her family is to have an Easter color theme each year. If the color is blue, this family of 4 will dress in all blue shirts and ties for the guys and dresses for the gals. They mix patterns like gingham, plaid, flowers, etc. The family photos always turn out picture perfect.  

We hope this has given you some fresh new ideas for the kid's Easter basket this year and inspiration to try new things.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!  

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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