Why you need a personalized cutting board from Words with Boards.

Are you tired of using the same old cutting board every day? Maybe you’ve never even thought twice about it. But the truth is a personalized cutting board will make you feel special, whether you purchase one for yourself or for family and friends.

Just picture it — every time your best friend prepares their favorite meal, they'll think of your thoughtful gift. Just like our quality wood, the value of such a gift never fades.

But a cutting board doesn’t have to be usedjustwhen you’re cooking. And it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. With Words with Boards, you can even create a custom cutting board!

A cutting board that’s uniquely yours is more than just a functional piece of the kitchen. It becomes a conversation starter at your next backyard barbeque, potluck, or get-together. Here are just a few ways personalized cutting boards make everyday routines into celebrations.

What are the different styles of personalized cutting boards?

There are a lot of different styles to choose from when it comes to personalized cutting boards:

Words Cut Out

When you’re thinking about a cutting board to send as a gift, or as a way to personalize your kitchen, there’s engraving and then there’s Words with Boards. Engraving is what everyone else does. The personalization on our boards is carved out using a scroll saw.

Choose which words you'd like cut out to create a custom cutting board that is truly unique. Custom wood cutting boards make for a wonderful gift for the cook or entertainer in your life — spoil your favorite chef with a gift that is made especially for them.


Traditionally,wood trivet boards are used as countertop protectors. They help your counters and tabletops look new by protecting them from the burn marks of hot pots and hot dishes. Plus, you can use the corner of the board to quickly cut small items like citrus.

As it’s used almost every day, a personalized trivet will grace your countertop like nothing else. Not only your counters, but it’ll also decorate your walls if you hang them. This small attention to detail is what enhances the look of your entire home.

Our trivets are made of maple wood with four latex-free “rubber-like” feet to keep them from slipping. You can customize them with a picture of your state, a symbol, or even a monogram — perfect to gift to someone moving to another state.


The versatile shape of a round cutting board lets you use it in multiple ways. Our round cutting board is popularly used as a serving tray, charcuterie board, or even as a pizza platter. You can also use it as a dessert or bread board. While it can always be used as a cutting board, the engraving on its top (or bottom) makes it a premium serving tray you can’t find elsewhere.

Similar to the trivet, the four latex-free rubber feet on the bottom make sure it doesn’t slip and slide when in use, making it the perfect serving tray. What’s more, you can add up to 15 characters (without spaces) to it, making it the ideal choice for custom cutting boards with longer words.


Personalizing a cutting board with a monogram can be really special. A monogram is a decorative element that dates back centuries, making a monogrammed cutting board an absolute classic.

You can choose a monogrammed board with up to three initials, depending on the person(s) using it. Plus, you don’t have to restrict yourself with the size or wood type — we offer a variety to choose from. This can be nice if you have lots of people in the family and everyone wants to have their own personalized cutting board.

Some of our options include a carved-out design, laser engraving, or crushed stone inlay. Being as exclusive as they are, custom cutting boards with monograms make great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or a gift for the person who has everything. It will be a gift that keeps on giving, every single day.


How are Words with Boards custom cutting boards different?

From using sustainable wood to planting trees for every purchase, we do our part to preserve the environment.

Not only our wood cutting boards are functional and decorative, but they can also be personalized with names to make them exclusively special. They make for a great wedding gift, or use them for cooking or to decorate your kitchen. The possibilities are truly endless.

They are also a great way to dress up the table at your next gathering — a custom cutting board that’s uniquely yours. We try to make the process of creating a board simple. They tell a story about life, love, and friendship. What will your cutting board say?

100% Handmade Wood Cutting Boards

Our wood cutting boards are handmade by extremely talented artisans who cut the names out of the wood. They are then individually sanded by hand. The wood and the personalization process are why they make truly special and unique gifts.

Each cutting board that we create is a labor of love. We stand behind our products and you can count on their durability. When you buy from us you support local artisans.

We Use Premium American Hardwood

You have the option to choose from American hardwoods which include maple wood, cherry wood, or walnut wood. These are the most popular cutting board materials. These wood types are also hard enough to handle cutting and other practical uses.

Each wood type has different qualities. You can match your kitchen decor or pick a contrasting wood. Choosing the right wood for your needs is simple when you shop with us.

Cut by Hand, Made in the USA

We have a unique approach to design and manufacturing. All of our cutting boards are hand-designed and hand-cut by a skilled woodworker. We take great care with each personalized wood cutting board and will send you something you can be proud to gift or use for yourself.

Whether you choose a custom cutting board design with names or nicknames or even a date, you can be sure that each one has been lovingly made by hand and it will last for years of use.

From wedding gifts to holiday gifts, we stand by our personalized wood cutting board designs and their durability. We believe there is no other company that makes such beautiful personalized cutting boards.


The perfect gift for any occasion.

There are so many reasons to choose a personalized cutting board as a gift. For starters, everyone needs one. Even if they aren’t cooks, everyone puts out a cheese and crackers spread from time to time.

With personalized cutting boards, gifting is not a chore. They are as much fun to give as they are to receive. Plus, you can be sure that the gift is going to stay with the person for a long time, as the board can’t be re-gifted.

It’s a great choice for any kind of gift-giving occasion. Here are some examples:

  1. Housewarming: Do you know someone moving into a new house? Or is someone moving cities? Custom cutting boards make incredible and exclusive housewarming gifts. A cutting board is always appreciated in a new kitchen, especially one that's personalized for its recipient.
  2. Wedding and Anniversary: Traditionally, wood is gifted on the fifth anniversary to represent the strength of the relationship as strong roots. Similarly, as a wedding gift, wood symbolizes a long-lasting bond.
  3. Showers: Whether the couple plans to share a last name or not, you can celebrate both with an engraved personalized wood cutting board. It's a unique gift that makes the couple will think of their wedding day every time they look at the board.
  4. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: Wouldn’t you want to remind your parent how loved they are every day? It’s possible by gifting them a board that says exactly that!
  5. Birthday: A birthday is a perfect occasion to gift a monogrammed board or with a meaningful symbol. Make the person feel just how special they are with the personalized gift.
  6. Thank You: If you want to show your gratitude to someone, go the extra mile to engrave it on a board. Not only the receiver will feel good, but you’ll feel just as great.
  7. Holidays: Are you stuck on how to make the holidays special? A personalized cutting board, with many options to choose from, is the perfect holiday gift you’re looking for.

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We know you have many choices when it comes to buying personalized cutting boards. Words with Boards has been recommended by the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart, and we hope to also earn your trust.Do you have a special occasion coming up, or looking for a new cutting board for your kitchen?Choose from the wide selection of cutting boards from our collection.

Frequently asked questions about personalized cutting boards

How hard is it to clean a personalized cutting board?

Our personalized cutting boards are easy toclean and care for. You’ll need to oil your cutting board and clean it gently with a mild detergent after each use. Make sure to get in between the letters and take the time to put your board in a place where it can dry on all sides. If you have a charcuterie board or a meat-cutting board, use gentle cleaning processes and food-grade mineral oil to clean up after each use.

Do I need to use a cutting board oil for my personalized cutting board?

Cutting board oil isn’t mandatory for the care of your wedding gift or serving board. You can also use food-grade mineral oil to help maintain the moisture in the wood. Water and dryness are the two worst things for wood. With just the right mineral oil or cutting board oil, you’ll be able to maintain its shape. This also applies to walnut wood boards and butcher block style boards.

Is a custom cutting board durable?

Our boards will last for years of use if you care for them properly. Make sure you don’t neglect gentle washing and disinfecting. Also, don’t forget to use mineral oil on your personalized cutting board after every other use. The oil will add moisture to your serving or cutting board to make sure it’ll last.