Fun Cutting Boards

March 09, 2022 2 min read

fun maple wood cutting board with the word YUM cut out of the top

Fun Cutting Boards


If you have a sense of humor you'll love our cutting boards with fun(ny) words. Because who says this essential kitchen tool has to be boring? Not us!

At Words with Boards we even let you put your own words on a cutting board. You can show off your personality, passion, or even sense of humor. Or choose one of our funny sayings.

Read below and laugh along with us.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Hangry is when you're hungry and angry in other words you are angry because you are hungry. Ever been there?

Express your funny side with our personalized cutting boards. We can even put your funny catch phrase on a board. What will your cutting board say?

Funny Cutting Board Sayings

Looking to add a little comic relief to your life? Our collection of funny cutting board sayings will have you cracking a smile everytime you go to use it. Check out some of our favorites below.

Cut The Cheese Cutting Board

A unique play on words, don't ya think? Our Cut the Cheese board is perfect for plating and serving your favorite cheeses. It's big enough to serve 6-8 people from. It's guaranteed to bring some good laughter to your next gathering. And we all need more of that!

This board is made with butcher block, using sustainably harvested hard maple wood.

Bite Me Cutting Board

Add some humor to your kitchen with our Bite Me board. This cutting board is hand-crafted with fun words and the bite mark just accentuates these words. It's versatile. It can be a chopping board and a serving board. Cut on the back and serve on the front.

"Pig Out" Cutting Board

Calling all pig collectors. This one's for you! Our Pig Out board is a very useful around the kitchen. It can be used for cutting and serving. It's made from high quality maple wood which has been butcher blocked to prevent warping. This is a board like no other.

Eat Me Cutting Board

You would generally use the words "Eat Me" to express disapproval with someone. We see it as the foods on the board are saying "Eat Me". But you can take it either way. That's the fun of it.

If our Eat Me board matches your sense of humor or someone you know then you have come to the right place.

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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