Wooden Toys

Our wooden toys are created from scrap pieces.

How we make our wooden toys

1) We sift through all the wooden pieces and pick the ones with interesting shapes.

2) We take those pieces and tumble them to soften the edges. 

3) We make them come to life by drilling "eye" holes in some of them, so they look like robots and other creatures.

4) We pack the wooden toys pieces as tightly as we can in a container.

The wooden toys can be painted or just played with as is.

Good old-fashioned fun with wooden toys!

Scrapple® Wooden Toys Details:
Each Scrapple® contains various shapes and sizes, no two are the exact same.
Size of tube: 3 1/2" diameter x 10 1/4” tall
Wood: Scrap pieces - Butcher Block - Sustainable Hard Maple

Old school wooden toys! 

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