How to Select the Perfect Personalized Cheese Board (with Examples)

A personalized cheese board spread works as an appetizer, or as a light meal when you don’t feel like turning on the oven.

Either way, you know how important the perfect serving tray is for those lip-smacking delicacies. While any flat surface works for serving cheese, the food really shines when you serve it on a unique personalized board.

Obviously, we're a litttle bias, but it's not just us who love our cheese boards. Hundreds of customers, designers, and celebrities trust their dinner parties to Words with Boards. Oprah (2015 Holiday Gift Guide) and Drew Barrymore (featured on the Drew Barrymore show, March 2021) are just a few of the big names who give our 100% handmade boards high marks.

Why you need a personalized cheese board?

A memorable party starts with the people but let’s not forget the food. And since you can’t serve food directly on the table you‘ll need a really cool board to match your style. No party is complete without a cheese spread. A personalized cheese board will bring a unique and creative vibe to any gathering large or small.

When you serve on a cheese board that is uniquely yours, it becomes a conversation piece. You can customize with names, nicknames, fun sayings, anything goes.

How to choose the perfect cheese board?

Before choosing a personalized cheese board it helps to know what you're looking for. These 5 questions can help you find the perfect pair:

  1. What is your typical gathering size? Is it a party of 2 or more?
  2. What is the size/shape of the table or area where the cheese board will be displayed?
  3. Which wood color best matches or contrasts (not everything has to be matchy-matchy) with your decor?
  4. What witty personalized statement, in the way of cut-out words or names, do you want the cheeseboard to say?
  5. Do any of your family/friends have dietary restrictions ie. gluten-free or vegan?

What size of cutting board to you need?

If you regularly host gatherings of 8-10 people or more, a large multi-purpose board is an ideal choice. Our large boards measure 18” X 14” x 1 ¾”.

These larger serving boards feature a sloped side that will keep juices from ending up on your table. It’s reversible so the other side is flat which also makes it a perfect chopping or serving board.

If you prefer a more personalized board, we have personalized cheese boards with custom word cut outs (shown above). This 16.5” x 12.5” x 1 ⅛” board will serve up to 6 people, if you have other foods to nosh on. This is our most popular size/shape.

The unique cut out letters are sure to be noticed. Chances are no one has ever seen a cheese board like this one. Keep it on the counter year round, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face everytime you look at it.

Do you have a long narrow table you like to entertain guests around? Then our long rectangle board might fit your lifestyle. These measure 19” x 8” x 1 ⅛” and have rubber feet on the back which will keep it in place on your table.

You can personalize this monogram board with a single initial. Or with words cut out, monogramed, or engraved.

Couples love our small cheese boards measuring 12.5” x 9” x 1 ⅛” and they make an ideal table setting for a two or four-person meal. This size can also be personalized with names, date, or funny sayings, etc.

We also offer the larger sloped board in a smaller size 14" x 18" x 1.75".

Both of these smaller serving boards will easily travel if you are bringing a cheese spread to a friend’s house

Types of wood

There are 3 types of American hardwoods Words with Boards offers. Maple, cherry and walnut woods, pictured above in this order from the top. All of these woods are sustainably forested and we plant a tree for each cheese board sold.

The most popular wood is maple as seen on the Cheese & Crackers board (above). It is the lightest of the three and goes with any decor.

Our cherry wood, shown above on the personalized stone inlay cheese board, has a medium reddish color. The color will darken over time and will vary from board to board. This goes for all wood types.

Walnut is the darkest color and lighter colored cheeses and meats really pop against this deep rich color.

All of these cheese boards are butcher block (1” pieces of wood glued together) to prevent warping and this is why you see the color variation on the walnut wood crab inlay board as well as the others.

The wood type will not affect the quality or taste of the cheese or other food items served on it. It should not absorb all the oily fatty goodness of the products and are all equally easy to maintain and clean.

Alternative cutting board shapes and patterns to 'Wow' your friends.

Do you like to think outside the box? Are you looking for a cheese board with handles? We have you covered.

Our round board comes in three sizes, 14”, 16” and 18”. For an added bonus there are rubber feet on the bottom so it will stay in place. Yes, we thought of everything.

Our oval boards are also a customer favorite. This shape also comes with rubber feet on the bottom.

Our pizza peels with their signature curvy handle also double as cheese boards and can be personalized.

Last but not least you may just fall in love with our a heart-shaped cheese board in cherry wood (shown above). This board screams date night! There’s a groove around the board that is so fun to fill with olives, candies, pickles, and nuts.

We can’t forget our   square-shaped "eat me" carved board with a corner bitten off that’s both humorous and eccentric, sure to bring some smiles while using it.

We have an exclusive range of serving boards laser engraved with different animal prints including leopard spots, snake scales, alligator skin, and zebra prints.

Personalized cheese boards that fit any dietary restrictions.

These days it’s hard to ignore everyone’s dietary needs. If you have celiac you already know how important it is to use a dedicated serving or cutting board for gluten free foods.

You can check out our full line of cheese boards and cutting boards that are clearly marked Gluten Free. Click here.

If Vegan is your jam check out these boards clearly marked Seriously Vegan.

There are so many personalized cheese board options

While deciding on what wooden cheese board works best for you, please also consider buying an American made board from a small business. When you do this not only are you supporting that business but you are also supporting all the other small businesses they buy their materials from.

At Words with Boards, all of the cutting and serving boards are 100% Made in America from sustainable American hardwoods. For every cheese board sold a tree is planted in the U.S. You can read more about this mission here.

Hand-crafted by talented artisans with lots of love and care, these cheese boards are sure to touch hearts with their customization. After all, who doesn’t love to see their name carved in wood for the ultimate personalized touch?

These personalized cheese boards aren’t just another item in your kitchen that will collect dust. They will be cherished and used for years to come. Explore our range of   personalized cheese boards here.