Cutting board holder

January 23, 2020 4 min read

Cutting board holder

A beautifully hand-crafted cutting board doesn't belong hidden away in a cabinet between uses. If you're like me and use your cutting board daily, you'll need easy access. Our cutting board holder is your solution to easy access and display.

Keep reading for more reasons to use a cutting board holder and a list of other uses.

Use a cutting board holder to keep your cutting board in tip top shape.

I once had a customer call me to say her cutting board caught on fire because she kept it on top of her toaster oven. This is not a good place to store a wooden cutting board. Everything in your kitchen should have a "home" so think of a cutting board holder as a "home" for your cutting board. You will always know where it is and it will be safe.

After your cutting board has been hand washed with mild soap and water and towel dried putting it in a cutting board holder will help it dry on all sides, including the bottom. As you know, the dishwasher or standing water and wooden kitchen home goods should never be combined. Letting your cutting board sit in water or sit on the counter when wet could cause mold to grow. You need the air to circulate on all sides. One option is to place the board laying flat on a cookie sheet until completely dry. Once dry you can treat it with food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil.

Your wooden cutting board and other wooden kitchen home goods will last a very long time if you follow these simple rules.

Double Duty

We hear time and time again, "Our cutting board is too nice to use, we just display it as art." I'll be honest, this makes us cringe a little but our response is "Cut on the back side and display on the front." This way you can have the best of both worlds - a great wood cutting board for chopping and a personalized piece of art. Using the front side as a serving board will help you avoid any marks left from meal prep. A chopping board and serving board, double duty again.

We understand why people want to display their custom cutting board. When you have personalized art around your house it feels more like a lived in home and tells your unique story. A cutting board holder completes the look.

Multi purpose uses for your cutting board holder

Think of a cutting board holder like you would a tabletop easel. Here are some other suggested uses:

  • Display artwork, your kids will love it!
  • Display a decorative plate instead of hanging it on the wall.
  • Use for menu or directional signs for a gathering or wedding.
  • Place a cookbook or any type of book in the holder. You can display the whole book or open the book up to a particular page.
  • It holds an ipad, great for hands-free reading or following a recipe.
  • Use it to display a plaque, award or diploma on a bookshelf.
  • Display a small decorative mirror on a shelf.

Just keep in mind the depth of our cutting board holder is 1 1/8" so anything you want to display on it needs to be this thickness or less.

Which wood type would you choose?

A cutting board holder, designed by us to work with our unique shapes, sizes and wood types. As you have come to expect from Words with Boards, handcrafted in the USA.

Our cutting board holder is available in maple, cherry or walnut. Which wood type to choose? Well, if you like to match colors then you would choose a maple holder with a maple cutting board. Or, if you like to mix it up a maple stand with a walnut or cherry wooden cutting board makes a nice contrast in wood tones.

See how the maple with maple and maple with cherry look in the pictures below.

As mentioned above our cutting board holder it works with all sizes; this includes our mini, small, large and live edge cutting boards, and other shapes such as round or oval. The reason the cutting board stands fit all the sizes is because they are adjustable and come in 3 parts. There are 2 L shaped pieces and 1 dowel. The dowel fits into the L shaped pieces making it easy to adjust the width of the holder to fit any size cutting board.

Pictured below is the maple wood and walnut wood.

Our cutting boards are 1 1/8" thick and since we designed the cutting board holders they fit perfectly. If you have a cutting board which wasn't purchased from us just make sure the thickness of your board is not more than 1 1/8" thick or 16" long.

Before we go, it's important to mention that the cutting board stand will not work with our lazy susans which are meant to live and spin on the table. Also, the hardware on the back makes them too heavy for the holder.

A custom cutting board paired with a cutting board holder will make the perfect gift to be loved for years to come.

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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