Seriously Kosher ~ Large Cutting Board ~ Meat

A Kosher Kitchen Cutting Board, Seriously!

In a kosher kitchen separate cutting boards for milk and meat are essential. We have clearly identified each cutting board with the laser engraved words “MILK” and “MEAT” so that there will be no confusion.
There is a hole in the upper left side which is a great way to hang the board or it could also be used for a small bowl.

The food-grade mineral oil used to finish the boards are certified Kosher, Pareve and Halal.

Kosher Kitchen Cutting Board Details:
Wood type is American hard maple
Includes 4 rubber feet on the bottom
Kosher Kitchen Cooking Cutting Board size 16" x 12.5" x 1 1/8” 
We make our cutting boards' butcher block so that they do not warp. The wood is from sustainable forests.

To personalize your kosher kitchen cutting board, click here.
American Made in Baltimore, Maryland

A blend of Food-Grade Mineral Oil with Lemon Essential Oil.

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