13 of the most creative cutting board designs.

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13 of the most creative cutting board designs.

Cutting Boards seem to be having a heyday with the rising popularity of charcuterie boards and personalized home decor. You can find customized cutting boards for every home chef, party host, and decorator out there. Personalized cutting boards make great gifts and keepsakes, and they are a useful kitchen staple for cooking, decorating, and serving.

Handmade wood cutting boards

Wood cutting boards are a popular choice when it comes to personalized cutting boards. Wood offers endless opportunities for creative designs and styles since it can be engraved, stamped, laser-cut, and carved. Boards are made from all sorts of wood species with bamboo being a very popular option.

Wood does require some special care but as long as you are mindful of what you use it for, keep it clean, and condition the wood, it will serve you well for a long time.


1. Engraved

engraved recipe cutting board

Our personalized, laser engraved cutting board is a gorgeous statement piece perfect to capture a family recipe. You can have it engraved with typed font or scan in handwritten recipes to immortalize those special memories.


2. Hand-cut Names

personalized name cutting board

The only custom cutting board company using a scroll saw to hand-cut every letter, Words with Boards creates beautiful custom wooden creations. Their round boards are perfect for displaying your pizza creations or as a centerpiece.


3. Animal Shape Cutting Boards

animal shape cutting board

You can find cutting boards in all sorts of shapes. This is an affordable option from amazon where you can choose between a pig, cow, chicken, or fish shape that can be customized with engraving


4. Wood with Resin

wood cutting board with resin

Wooden boards with resin inlays are stunning pieces of art and you can be certain that it is one of a kind. Some makers even offer engravings as well. Here is a beautiful walnut and blue epoxy board designed to represent a flowing river available on Etsy by Detective51. It even has the added touch of a juice groove.

Glass cutting boards

Glass cutting boards are often dishwasher safe and hold up to chopping with no evidence of use. They are sleek and easy to store leaned up on a counter or away in a cupboard.


5. Photo Cutting Board

Glass cutting boards are great kitchen tools because they are easily cared for and can be used safely for meats and veggies. Kitchenniche on Etsy sells a beautiful board that can be customized with any image you’d like! These boards make a nice gift and are great ways to share a photo, commemorate a family recipe, or add a touch of functional art to your counter.


6. Floral Glass Cutting Board

glass cutting board with flowers

TheGiftedTomatoe sells unique glass boards on Etsy that are made with prints she takes herself of her homegrown veggies, herbs, and flowers. Each print is beautifully styled and can be customized. The glass board brings a touch of life and springtime joy into any kitchen.


7. Etched Glass Cutting Board

etched glass cutting board

Etched glass always adds a touch of elegance. A personalized, etched cutting board would make a great wedding day display that can transition into a commemorable kitchen memento. EtchyEtchyEtch has a wide variety of options available on Etsy that can be customized with names and images.


Sometimes function is the main goal and when it comes to chopping boards and flexible plastic boards certainly offer optimal function. 


8. Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards

flexible plastic cutting board

They can be easily cleaned and their flexible design makes it easy to scoop up your chopping scraps to dispose of them in your garbage or compost. Customized plastic chopping boards are also the perfect item for your culinary business gift shop. 4imprintUSA offers bulk orders on customized plastic boards.


9. Holiday Specific Cutting Boards

holiday cutting boards

Since custom plastic boards typically cost a bit less than some of their other counterparts, they are the perfect option for holiday-specific decorations. Take them out for a season and then tuck them away for next year knowing they will be safe in storage and won’t take up your whole holiday budget. CraftingWithPandaUS has these cute Christmas chopping boards for sale on Etsy.


Cutting Board Gift Sets

Sets of cutting boards and knives or multiple boards or boards paired with another kitchen item make great gifts and can meet your serving needs.


10. Cutting Boards with Knives

cutting board knife set

Customizing a cutting board with hidden storage for cheese tools is a clever combination that not only saves space but ensures you have everything you need in one place when it’s time to host. This set by Blueberry Ink is beautiful and functional with a drawer underneath the board for four cheese tools that are sold with the board.


11. Multiple Sized Cutting Boards

Custom cutting board sets with multiple size boards cover all of your cooking needs. You can have a board for veggies and one for meats without having to wash in between. The different sizes also give you options when hosting whether building a cheese board for just a couple of people or a large group.


12. Matching Bowl Set

Who doesn’t love to pair bread with soup or salad? A set of beautiful wooden bowls to compliment your cutting board makes for a beautiful table setting and brings a touch of nature into your indoor space. These bowls from Words with Boards are hand turned gems made from fallen logs, making them not only a timeless purchase but a sustainable one too!

Giant Cutting Boards

13. Noodle Boards

custom noodle board

Sometimes referred to as stove top cutting boards, noodle boards are giant cutting boards designed to fit over a stovetop or kitchen sink to extend your counter space. Sellers like BowdenHandmade create these custom boards to fit standard and non-standard stovetops and both gas and electric stovetops.

So much creativity and craftsmanship go into creating high-quality, professional cutting boards. You can find makers who specialize in almost any material. Adding a family name or custom engraving can result in a unique cutting board that makes the perfect gift.

Words with Boards goes above and beyond with their impeccable saw work, variety of board shapes, wood choices, and creative ways of including personalized names. They make a variety of products in addition to cutting boards which can be paired to build beautiful kitchen sets that last generations.
Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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Sarder Tajul Islam
Sarder Tajul Islam

June 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing such an informative article on personalized cutting boards! It’s fascinating to see how different materials and designs can be used to create unique and functional cutting boards. I particularly love the idea of wood with resin inlays and animal-shaped cutting boards. These make for great gifts and additions to any kitchen.

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