The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Dog Leash Holders

Finding functional decor that helps keep your space organized and celebrates your personal style can be challenging especially when it comes to pets. Your furry friends have collars and leashes and harnesses and raincoats and booties and baggies and all of the other accessories that keep them safe when heading out the door. And you need a way to store all of their gear without your entryway looking like a pet store.

Dog owners have come up with many ways to store those piles of dog collars and leashes.

Some use baskets where they simply drop everything on top of each other. Others use key hooks which can organize a few light items like a thin nylon leash or a doggy bag dispenser. Some turn to shelves or try to shove items into drawers or cabinets.

Many have discovered the benefit of a wall-mounted leash holder with large sturdy hooks.

Wall-mounted dog leash holders are the ideal solution. You can mount them in a small area in your entryway and hang all of those accessories neatly so you can always find them when you are headed out for a walk.

You could drop all of your dog's items in a basket or clutter up a shelf, but when it’s time to find what you need, you’ll likely find yourself sorting through piles of tangled nylon and rope.

Hanging all of the items makes it easy to find what you are looking for and keeps precious shelf and floor space free for heavier items or items that can not be hung.

Dog leash holders are an upgrade from generic wall hooks because they are designed to hold the heavier weight of your dog’s leash and protect your walls. While key hooks or wall hooks might support a light leash or small collar, they are often mounted directly to the wall and the metal buckles can scrape against the paint. A leash holder with hooks mounted to a backing board still hangs on the wall but holds the items away from the paint.

Why Pet Parents Love Personalized Accessories

When it comes to selecting a dog leash holder you can choose a generic option from a large home decor store and your entryway can match everyone else with a dog, or you can choose something personalized and unique that highlights your style and celebrates your pup.

Your dog leash holder will most likely hang in your entryway where you and your guests will pass by it all the time, so why limit yourself to only function when you can seize the opportunity to hang something that welcomes you home and shows off your style to your guests.

Dog leash holders can be functional and beautiful. This customized design available from Words with Boards is made of beautiful wood with a sturdy two-sided hook for multiple leashes and allows you to personalize the design with your dog's breed.

We also offer a larger, stunning wood board with four hooks personalized with hand-cut lettering along the top that would be perfect for a household with more than one dog.

You can’t go wrong with a pet-themed gift for the dog lover in your life. Personalized leash holders are the perfect combination of function and whimsy that make for great gifts. A personalized leash holder shows the recipient you recognize how much they love their pup while also celebrating their style and commitment to quality decor.

Types of Dog Leash Holders We Offer

Like the two options highlighted above, Words with Boards offers other customized leash holders.

Their smaller leash holders come standard with the words “Woof” and “Walk” but you can request to have them customized with up to six letters. The larger board comes with “Let’s Walk” and can be customized with up to twelve letters.

All of their leash boards are hand-cut in the US and made with sustainably harvested hard maple wood. You can feel good purchasing from them knowing you’re supporting a local business and local craftsman. Like their other wood products, their leash holders are made with the utmost attention to detail and designed to be functional statement pieces that elevate your space.

All of their leash holders come with wall mounting hardware for easy installation.

Wood Dog Leash Holders

Whether you need to hang leashes for one dog or two dogs… or four dogs… a wall-mounted leash holder is a perfect solution. It protects your walls, elevates your entryway decor, and leaves those precious floor and shelf spaces clear for human gear.

When you choose a personalized wooden leash holder from Words with Boards you can be sure they will last. If you are gifting one to the pet lover in your life, you can be confident in the quality and know that the classic elegance of the wood means it goes with any home style.