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January 30, 2020 5 min read 2 Comments

Dog leash holder custom with dogs name

If you own a dog or two or three you’ll need a place to hang all those leashes. We have 2 dogs and 6 leashes, accumulated over 10 years. We used to keep our leashes in a big glass container by our back door. We quickly found out this wasn't the best way to store them, they would get tangled and when we would pull 1 out they would all come out. Not only making mess but also time-consuming.

In an effort to get organized we designed the dog leash holder. We needed one for home and one for the office since our pups named Freddie and Sammie come to work with us every day.

Fred and Sam the inspiration the dog leash holder

Meet Freddie and Sammie, the inspiration behind the dog leash holder, 3 options. Freddie is the black and white Havanese and Sammie is the all white Havanese pictured to the right. They are 10 and 9 years old respectively. When we walk them people think they are puppies and it always puts a smile on our face.

On a nice day they love to hang out on the deck and bark at anyone who walks by. This breed isn't supposed to bark alot but our boys didn't get the memo! They are looking a little scruffy in this picture but still cute! If you've been by the studio to shop you've met these furry boys.

We are obviously a dog friendly business, we let anyone who works with us bring their dogs. In December of 2018 we had 6 dogs in the studio. A little chaotic but fun!

Does your workplace let you bring dogs?

Functional Decor

Our dog leash holders are not only functional, but they'll add personality to any room in the home. The bone hook is strong enough to hold not only leashes but also a coat, umbrella, bag or purse. It's a great way to keep your house organized and tidy. As an added bonus, you will always know where your leashes are. At least that's true in theory!

The dog leash holder is unique with words cut out of the top and the bone shaped hook gives them some style. They come in one wood type and 2 sizes. The smaller size has two options. You can choose to have the motivational word "Dog leash holder with the word Walk" cut out of the top or you can choose the word "Woof". If you have many leashes or other items you want to keep organized on the dog leash holder we offer a longer board with the words "Lets Walk" cut out of the wood. Swipe below to see all three.

The wood is sustainably forested American hard Maple. It's light and neutral in color so it will go with any decor.

We will plant a tree 🌳 for every dog leash holder sold.

dog leash holder with Walk cut out
Dog leash holder with  the word Woof cut out
Dog leash holder with the words Let's walk cut out

Customize the dog leash holder with your dogs name

If you would like your dogs name cut out of wood we can do that too, just let us know when ordering in the special instructions section what name you want. The leash holder with one bone hook can accomodate up to 6 letters and the larger leash holder can handle up to 12 letters.

I think you will agree, Brie looks very happy about her new dog leash holder.

dog leash holder with dog name cut out of the top
dog leash holder with dogs name cut out of the top

Customize with a cut out of the breed

If you don't like the idea of having the name cut out you can have the shape of the breed cut out of the top of the wooden dog leash holder with breed shape cut out of the top with breed shape cut out of the top. Most people I know like to stick with the same breed when one dog passes. This way the leash holder won't be tied to one name. If you get another dog you will more than likely give it a different name. If you have a mutt you can pick the shape that most fits your dog.  

3 dog leash holders with the shape of the breed cut out

Made to last

Our handcrafted leash holders are built to last. The maple wood is butcher block and over 1" thick. The bone hooks are made of metal with a nickel finish and if secured to the wall properly can easily hold the weight of leashes, bags, umbrellas, etc. Keep reading for how to secure your dog leash board to any type of wall.

We hand sand each one and then finish it with a clear matte poly finish. This will protect the wood from warping and drying out due to humidity and temperature fluctuations in your home.

How to hang your new dog leash holder

They come ready to hang, no assembly required:) We even include all the hardware needed to anchor the leash holder to a hollow wall. No running to the hardware store to pick up anchor screws. We attach the keyhole hangers on the back and we include 2 screws and 2 anchors. The only items you will need are a phillips head screwdriver, or phillips head bit attached to a hand drill, a pencil, a ruler and a small level.

dog leash board hardwaredog leash board hanging hardwaredog leash board hanger

Measure twice, drill once

There are 2 keyhole hangers attached to the back, this way the dog leash board will stay secure to the wall and will stay straight when you are using it. First, measure the distance between the center of the openings of the keyhole hanger. This is the distance you will want to screw in the anchors. Mark the wall with a pencil where the first anchor will go into the wall and then using a ruler with built in level or a ruler and a small level, measure and put a pencil mark where the second anchor will go into the wall. You will need to make sure this is level otherwise the leash board will not hang straight on the wall.  

Instructions for hanging 

The anchors and screws we provide are to be used for hollow walls only. Below we list the most popular wall materials with instructions for each.

Hollow wall, like drywall or paneling: First you will need to screw in the anchor. You don't need to pre-drill a hole. Use a phillips head bit and with a drill (or screwdriver) screw the anchor into the wall. If using a drill go slow because the anchor head needs to be flush with the wall. You don't want it sticking out or you don't want it pushed in too far either. You can always use a screwdriver for the last couple turns. Once this is in place you will need to insert the screw into the anchor leaving the head of the screw sticking out a little so it will fit in the keyhole hanger.

Plaster: The only difference with this wall material is that you will need to pre-drill into the plaster/brick and then use plaster anchors which are readily available at most hardware stores. Do not use the anchors and screws we have provided.

Solid wall like beadboard or shiplap which is at least 1/4" thick will just need the screws not the anchors. The head of the screw will need to be out from the wall a little bit to fit in the keyhole.

We give you lots of choices but you won't go wrong with whichever dog leash holder you choose. Just think how organized you will be! Thanks for stopping by.



Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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August 04, 2022

We can do custom dog names on these leash holders. Just put the names in the Special Instructions section. Any questions you can email me at

Linda Casper
Linda Casper

August 04, 2022

I would like to order 2 leash holders. One would be for “Blue” and one would be for “Bindi”. I can’t see how to place an order here. Can you send info?

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