Why is Wood the 5 Year Anniversary Gift?

July 26, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

overhead: personalized wooden cutting board with charcuterie and cheese

The combination of wood and weddings holds a special place in my heart: my husband and I started Words with Boards during our fifth year of marriage.

The business has definitely tested our strength and durability and we are happy to say that we are still going strong!

Wood products are one of the most sought-after (and among our favorite!) options for a 5 year anniversary gift. A personalized wooden cutting board is a unique way to embrace the tradition of wood anniversary gifts — it will make a lasting impact and show your partner how much you care.

overhead: wood tray with name and date

5 Year Anniversary Symbolism 

Wood is a perfect 5 year anniversary gift for many reasons. To start, trees symbolize strength and wisdom. The thought is by the fifth year, the marriage has also developed these same traits.

overhead: single initial monogram cutting board with strawberry cake

Single Initial Monogram Cutting Board

Everyone needs a cutting board, and the best ones are made from wood, which makes them ideal wood anniversary gifts.

Imagine a Personalized Cutting Board with the anniversary date engraved on the bottom. Add in some Cheese Knives and voila, you have an excellent choice for a 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

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What is the Meaning Behind a 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift?

We have etiquette maven Emily Post to thank for wood anniversary gifts. In her 1922 book titled Etiquette, she assigned “traditional” gifts to different anniversary years and wood as the 5th anniversary gift.

overhead: first dance personalized cutting board with charcuterie and cheese
First Dance Personalized Cutting Board

Her specific motivations around including wood as a 5 year anniversary gift is lost to history, but many attribute it to wood's strength and durability over time, as well as the way wood weathers and becomes even more beautiful as it ages.

These are all qualities of a good marriage. And, also like marriage, wood is even more beautiful and vibrant when it is well cared for. For these reasons, it makes sense that Ms. Post chose wood as a 5 year wedding anniversary gift.

Wood Anniversary Gifts

Here at Words with Boards, we believe special and unique wood anniversary gifts are the best kind. That's why we will include a laser-engraved date on the bottom of any cutting board at no extra cost!

overhead: large personalized cutting boards with toast

Large Personalized Cutting Board

You'll never forget your wedding date! No coupon code needed  just enter the date in the “Special Instructions” section when ordering. or the

Laser engraving your names and your wedding date onto a wooden cutting board would be perfect for a 5th anniversary gift. Try it on our Large Personalized Cutting Board or the First Dance Personalized Cutting Board.

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5 Year Anniversary Gift Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traditional 5 year anniversary gift?

Any of our wooden cutting boards would make for an excellent gift! Consider making it your own and personalize it with your names, your wedding date, or even the name of the place where you were married. These small touches will give your gift more meaning. 

What are some other wood anniversary gift ideas?

In addition to one of our cutting boards, you could also include some wooden utensils! We have a variety of different options, from a pie server and jelly spoon to a nut butter spreader. Your partner won't be able to resist creating their next charcuterie board when they have the right tools to make one.

What color represents 5 years of marriage?

Each wedding anniversary is also assigned a color. Turquoise represents 5 years of marriage, so you may consider incorporating it in your gift. Wrapping it in bright blue paper or with a turquoise bow are both some ideas, or you could always look for a blue card!

Your 5th Anniversary Gift: Celebrate With Us!

We are so glad you came to us to help celebrate this happy occasion! If you have any questions or ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments below. We hope you find the perfect gift for your 5 year anniversary!

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Kim Strassner

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Sheila Gold
Sheila Gold

August 29, 2018

I have always wanted to know what would be a unique 5th-anniversary gift. How I just need to decide what to say on my personalized cutting board.
AWESOME WORK and cool cutting boards and personalized gifts. THANKS!

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