Cherry Cutting Board

Cherry wood is an American hardwood, which is favorite with furniture and kitchen home good makers alike. Cherry is very plentiful in our part of the country, so it was an easy choice to include cherry cutting boards and cherry wood lazy susans to our collections.

Features & Benefits of Cherry Cutting Boards

🍒 Your knives won't become dull from cutting on a cherry cutting board. Cherry wood is the perfect balance between hard enough as a cutting surface but soft enough to be knife friendly.

🍒 Laser engraving looks best on cherry wood as seen on our cherry Leopard Print Serving Board.

🍒 If you already have a lot of cherry wood in your home, a cherry cutting board will fit right in.

🍒When you buy a cherry cutting board, we give to an organization that plants a tree in North America. Read about it One Tree Planted.

Personalized Cherry Cutting Boards

Your name carved in a cherry wood cutting board - something you don't see everyday!

Our cherry cutting boards can be personalized with last or first names.

Carve their names in cherry wood for the perfect heirloom gift - unique and useful!

"The happy couple loved the board. I'll be back for more." - Ann

The live edge boards are made from a solid piece of cherry wood with a natural edge.

A perfectly sloped side and a flat side. Guaranteed to be your favorite cutting board!

The most popular way to customize your cherry cutting board is with two first names. You can have a heart, ampersand or plus sign in between the names.

If you want to go one step further and really go all out with the personalization, we can do that too. For example, maybe the couple are both sailors, we can cut out an anchor or sailboat in between the names. We can hand-cut just about any symbol out, so you can get creative here!

Other ways people customize the cherry cutting boards is with a last name, nick name, house name or date. We can even cut out hashtags or the @ symbol.

Cherry Cutting Board Care

All of our cherry cutting boards are first given a bath in food-grade mineral oil and then a beeswax-oil paste is rubbed on the wood. Your cherry cutting board will arrive ready to use!

To keep your cherry wood board in tip top shape simply follow these care instructions:

1) NEVER put your cherry cutting board in the dishwasher or let sit in water.

2) Wash by hand with mild soap and water and let air dry so the air can circulate all around the board. Our cherry cutting board holder would be great to use when drying the board.

3) After the board has dried for 24 hours, and if the wood looks dry, spray some food-grade mineral oil all over and rub it in. Let that soak in before using it again.

Visit our care instructions page for more information.


Wooden Cutting Board Types

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