Bamboo Cutting Board

You won't find a bamboo cutting board in our kitchen!

Why We Don't Use Bamboo

A bamboo cutting board is a sustainable product. Since utilizing sustainable wood is a criteria for Words with Boards, it would make sense for us to offer bamboo wood, however we do not. This is not to say you shouldn't have a bamboo cutting board in the kitchen, it just shouldn't be one you cut on regularly.

The reason is simple: we don't like cutting on bamboo! The feel and sound of a knife when it hits the hard bamboo surface doesn't feel right. In fact, bamboo is about 15% harder than maple wood.

Then there are the dark area (also known as nodes) that are present on the cutting surface. These nodes are even harder. The in between nodes is softer, so you are left with many different hardnesses on your bamboo cutting board surface.

Having different hardnesses across the board is certainly less than ideal and not good for your knives either, often leading to quicker dulling. Another reason we don't offer bamboo cutting boards is because they all tend to be a lot thinner than anything we offer.  

Stalks of Bamboo

Why to Choose Maple Instead

🍁Much better for your knives.

🍁Sustainably forested.

🍁Butcher block will prevent warping.

🍁Over 1" thick.

Why to Choose Cherry Instead

🍒Beautiful reddish hue that deepens over time.

🍒A Sustainable American Hardwood

🍒We plant a tree for each one sold

🍒Quality cutting surface that won't dull your knives

Why to Choose Walnut Instead

🔪Has a deep rich beautiful color

🔪Each board has a unique wood pattern, no two are alike


🔪Each product sold = 1 tree planted

Wooden Cutting Board Types

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