Discover the enchanting world of wildlife and landscape fine art.

The path to this wildlife and landscape art has been a journey.

In the heart of Baltimore, Mike Pararas embarked down a creative path that began at The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) during the vibrant 80's. This is where he honed his skills in illustration and graphic design.

His career spanned over two decades as an Art Director and Creative Director within the bustling advertising scene in Baltimore. Then in 2001, Mike decided to become a freelance Art Director, a path he passionately follows to this day. 

Through the years photography, videography and the magic of photo illustrations through Photoshop were soon added to his impressive repertoire. 

Two years ago, a simple yet profound revelation struck Mike as he observed an alligator-like figure in a piece of wood. 

This sparked a creative expedition to uncover hidden treasures within wood grain - be it unusual natural discolorations, dark knots or natural holes.

Mike's artistic process involves taking his own drawings or digitally altered photographs and meticulously erasing parts to reveal the masterpiece that lies within the wood's natural patterns. The pieces come to life with precision laser engraving.

Each piece invites viewers on a unique visual adventure, some art pieces reveal their secrets instantly while others whisper their stories over time. 

The result? A collection of artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind, leaving all who encounter it mesmerized. Observers often express they've never seen anything like it.

It's akin to gazing into the sky and finding shapes in the clouds. This phenomenon is known as Pareidolia.

Mike's wildlife and landscape fine art pieces promises a new perspective on the natural world, making you see wood in an entirely new light.