Why Maple Cutting Boards are Great and How to Care for Them

August 29, 2023 5 min read

Why Maple Cutting Boards are Great and How to Care for Them

Add something special to your cooking routine with a maple cutting board! Although light in color and in grain, it will stand up to the test of time — and knives. Plus, it’s the perfect serving platter for fruit, cheese, or charcuterie. Whether you plan to use it for practical purposes or want to display something special on your countertop, a maple wood cutting board is a wonderful option!

Maple Cutting Board

When it comes to cutting boards, there are so many different types of wood to choose from. One of our favorites is maple for its durability, knife-friendly surface, and naturally semi-porous finish. Most maple products range from light tan to medium tan, just like our cutting boards. If you love modern decor, a maple wood cutting board will fit right in.


Round Maple Wood Cutting Board with Personalization of Perez Family cut out along the top. Cutting board is on a marble surface with a yellow towel next o it and some pieces of bread on the counter. The board is adorned with slices of salami, a hunk of white cheese, a hunk of bleu cheese, and a wheel of brie with a triangle cut out. Also are some red grapes.


A quality maple cutting board is practical and pleasing to the eye. Boasting a pale and uniform grain pattern, it offers both style and function in any kitchen. The dense wood is gentle on knives and resistant to pesky nicks which is great for hygiene. Easy to maintain, maple wood cutting boards are perfect for at-home chefs looking for a reliable — and visually appealing — cutting surface!

We love the idea of creating a personalized maple cutting board as a memorable keepsake for your loved ones. Discover everything you’ve ever wondered about maple cutting boards (including how to care for them) in this helpful guide.

The Advantages of Maple Wood

Rectangle Maple Cutting Board with Names Steve & Alyssa Carved out at the top and Wedding Bells etched in the bottom right corner.

Maple is often used in kitchen utensils and tools. It's the perfect material for cutting boards when you want both style and substance.

With its pale and even grain patterns, it brings a timeless look that effortlessly fits into a variety of kitchen styles. It’s durable, thanks to its small pores, which ensures a long-lasting cutting board surface that resists everyday wear and tear.

This variety of wood is a naturally hard material which preserves the surface of the board and protects your knives from becoming dull. Maple cutting boards are dense, stable, and if cared for properly won’t warp after use.

Why Maple is Perfect for Cutting Boards

You’ve likely seen a maple cutting board at least once or twice, and for good reason — it makes for an excellent cutting surface. Its durability is perhaps the most important, but there are other things that set maple wood apart.

  • Kind to knives: Maple is inherently hard, which not only benefits the longevity of cutting boards, but also protects your knives. The wood’s density creates a supportive cutting surface that helps to maintain the sharpness of your blades.
  • Dense: That density is thanks to its tightly packed grain structure. It’s resistant to wear which means with proper care it will last for years to come.
  • Versatile: From fruit and veggie trays to elaborate cheese and charcuterie boards, a maple board serves as an excellent backdrop. Its neutral color and uniform appearance makes it a perfect backdrop for a variety of foods.
  • Customizable: Laser engravings, cut-outs, and custom designs look great on maple! You’ll be able to transform a practical kitchen tool into a memorable gift.
  • Modern Aethstetic: Maple is always a popular choice because it is seen as a “modern” wood that can compliment most any kitchen decor.  Maple can blend with light, medium, or dark color designs.

How to Care for a Maple Cutting Board

Contrary to popular belief, caring for a maple wood cutting board isn’t difficult! Wash the board with mild dish soap and warm water after each use, making sure to remove any food particles and debris.

Above all, avoid soaking to prevent warping. Use a clean dish towel to thoroughly dry the cutting board, then leave it in your dish rack or against your kitchen wall (standing upright) to finish the drying process. This additional step prevents moisture from getting trapped and damaging the wood.

If you do run into food stains, you can sand it out or clean the area with a combination of lemon juice and salt. This simple method works wonders!


Clear spray bottle of Lemon Cutting Board Oil with black and white label and black spray nozzle.


You’ll also want to use food-grade mineral oil on the board at least every 2 weeks. Apply a thin coat to the surface and let the oil soak in. This not only enhances the woods’ natural luster but also prevents it from drying out over time!

You do not put your wood cutting board in the dishwasher! 

Walnut vs Maple Cutting Board

We’re often asked about the difference between a walnut vs maple cutting board and which one is better. The truth is, both have their own specific characteristics, and it often comes down to personal preference.

Walnut offers a rich and dark hue with impressively intricate grain patterns which really stand out on a kitchen counter. As mentioned earlier, it’s gentle on knives.

On the other hand, maple is light and elegant and complements a variety of styles. It’s durable and also knife-friendly and boasts those hygiene benefits we mentioned above.

So, are you looking for something bold, like walnut, or something more subtle, like maple? Both are excellent cutting board options — it’s up to you to choose your favorite.

of a rooster and the words Farm Star Living and a star at the end. On top is an apple chocolate tart. The board is setting on a marble surface surrounded by apples.  Next to it is a Round Maple Cutting Board with the words Happy Birthday cut out around the top. On it are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry macarons and 3 birthday candles.

Maple Cutting Boards Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a personalized maple cutting board?

Absolutely! Personalized cutting boards are our specialty, and we have many maple options available. Create one for yourself, or offer it to someone as a gift. We often make cutting boards for wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, and housewarming gifts.

You can add words, images, names, and dates in whatever combination you desire. We adore creating memorable keepsakes, and would love to work with you on your next great idea!

How long will a maple wood cutting board last?

If you properly maintain and care for your maple board, it will last 20+ years! You could use yours for even longer if you pay close attention to how you wash, dry, and oil your board.

Refer to our suggestions above for proper board maintenance!

Can I use both sides of a maple cutting board for food prep?

We recommend using both sides. You can use the back side for cutting and the front side for serving and displaying.

Another recommendation is to have one cutting board for meat, poultry, and seafood, and another for fruits and vegetables.

Round Wooden Personalized Cutting Board with names Chamber & Family Cutout on the top. Board is full of food - little bowls of tomatoes and corn salsa, limes and cabbage. Tiny plate with jalapenos, small dish of sauce with spoon and tiny place with sliced avocado.

Wrapping Things Up

A maple cutting board would make a great addition to any kitchen. It’s durable, knife-friendly, and will last for many decades with proper care.

What’s more, maintaining your board is a cinch - with the proper tools and techniques the process is very easy.

Whether you’re creating a gourmet meal, hosting a casual get-together, or looking for a fun customizable gift, you'll find a maple wood cutting board ticks all the boxes.

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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