Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

January 07, 2020 4 min read

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Personalized wooden cutting board like no other


We learned early on what people really want is a unique personalized wooden cutting board. The most popular is a wooden cutting board with 2 first names or a last name. We encourage people to get creative and over the years have expanded the personalization offerings to include single initial monogram and 3 initial monogram.

Our most popular, two first names.

I think this is our most ordered cutting board because it is what we show the most in pictures but also because in this day and age not every couple as the same last name. The number one question with this personalized option is "which name do I put first?". Most people put the persons name they know best first but there are those people who still feel like the women's name should be first. There is no right or wrong. The couple will love their new personalized cutting board either way.


Cutting board with last name.

The last name option is great if 2 first names won't fit on a board (there is a 15 character max) and the couple shares the same last name. Or maybe you aren't personalizing the cutting board for a couple, but instead it's for 1 person and you don't want to use the first name.

We all know someone who is known by their last name more than their first name.

Another reason to use a last name is if you are gifting the wooden board to a family and can't put everyone's name on the board. This way everyone feels included.


A nickname is always a good idea.

Our favorite cutting boards to make have a nickname as the personalization. It's fun to see what unique names people have for each other. Nick names are just for couples, parents have nicknames for their children and grandchildren have nick names for their grandparents. It is sweet to see.

This MY TULIP board pictured is an example of a nickname someone ordered. We often try to guess the meaning of the nickname. To carve a nickname into wood is a permanent and forever way to celebrate your love and or friendship with someone. Get creative!


Personalize with name and decoration

If you know a person or family that loves the beach, the mountains, crabs or loves to dance you should pick one of our cutting boards that gives you an even more personalized and creative gift than just a name.

We are often asked to come up with a cut out that is even more tailored to the recipient. We have done cut outs to represents someones love for national parks or boats. We once did a cut out of an ax and needle to represent the couples careers, a firefighter and nurse.

Our boards are made to order so if you have something in mind and don't see it on our site please let us know. Some of the cut out images that we offer are a result of a customer request that we thought others might like. We love to collaborate with our customers.


Sometimes a single initial monogram is in order.

Our newest personalization option is crushed stone inlay. This works great with a single initial. You can choose from turquoise, lapis or malachite. If 2 first names, last name or nickname is more than our 15 character limit, don't fear a single initial is our answer.

Or if you prefer the look of a cut out we also offer a single initial monogram cut out of the wood.

Pictured is our maple wood with crushed malachite inlay. Simple and sophisticated.


Personalize your wooden cutting board with shapes.

We offer many sizes and shapes. You can choose by your budget, we offer personalized cutting boards under $50.

Or choose by the number of characters you have:

10 characters or less, not counting spaces, your cutting board choices are small, large, round, long, live edge or oval.

13-15 characters, not counting spaces, we offer cutting board in large with the text cut out of the top and side, round, oval or live edge.


Our cutting boards tell a story about life, love and friendship. What's your story?





Made to order

When you place an order for a personalized wooden cutting board you start a chain reaction at our studio and wood shop. First we set the name in either the classic or script font chosen. The number of characters and cutting board size determines the size of the letters.

Next, we select the board and wood type ordered and lightly laser engrave the name(s) on the board. This is done so one of our talented scroll saw cutters have a "pattern" to cut from. The scroll saw is like a sewing machine in that you move the "material" through a blade. Once cut the cutting board stays in the wood shop and is hand sanded in a 5 step process.  

After the cutting board is sanded and branded it is ready to leave the the wood shop to be given a food-grade mineral oil bath. Once the cutting board is dry a belly and or tag is placed on the board and it gets packed.

oval maple cutting board with couples n

Live Edge is our newest personalized wooden cutting board

We have always loved the natural, organic shape of live edge and we are thrilled to finally be able to offer this popular look with our special way of personalization. Our live edge cutting boards are solid wood versus butcher block which is the style of all the other wooden cutting boards we offer.

Each live edge piece is one of a kind. One side is straight and this is where we cut the name(s). The other side is where the bark of the tree used to be and this side is different for each piece. We hand select the best of the best for you and personalize it to create a beautiful heirloom gift that will be used for years to come.



I received the live edge board I ordered a few days ago. It is beautiful!! I am very happy with it and it is my best gift for the year. The craftsmanship is wonderful..

— Judy from Annapolis


Kim  Strassner
Kim Strassner

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