Personalized live edge cutting board

January 15, 2020 2 min read

Personalized live edge cutting board

A live edge cutting board you can personalize

Now you can create your very own live edge cutting board with a family name, two first names, location, house name, company name, etc. The options are endless.

Live edge also called natural edge is where the bark of the tree used to be. Each piece has its own unique and beautiful rustic qualities just like the trees it comes from, no two are alike. You have probably seen furniture such as tables or headboards made with a live edge. It's been a favorite look of ours and we are so excited to be offering it to you.

These awesome live edge cutting boards are made from a solid piece of wood, not butcher block like the other custom cutting boards we offer. As you can see from the pictures, the length is the same but the width is determined by the natural live edge.

We personally hand select each piece of maple, cherry or walnut wood for you. We look for quality of the wood and uniqueness. Many live edge wood boards have cracks or knots and although we feel like this gives a piece character we know that not everyone feels the same so we try and avoid these "flaws".

Maple is the lightest of the three and the color is pretty consistent throughout. See picture below.

The cherry wood live edge has a reddish hue and there can be darker streaks and spots which are characteristics of cherry. See picture below.

Walnut is the darkest but the wood color tends to get lighter as it gets closer to the live edge. See image below.

You can personalize your live edge cutting board with up to 15 characters (spaces are not counted). If you have 15 characters like the Words with Boards cutting board the name will go end to end. If you have less characters, the name(s) will be centered like shown in the maple and cherry images.

We recommend using your new personalized board as a sweet or savory serving board. Cut cheeses on it versus veggies for dinner. We put non-latex "rubber" feet on the bottom so it won't slip.

If you like a less contemporary look than the live edge cutting board is for you. Now you just need to decide on the wood type which goes best with your home decor and what you want the board to say. Get creative!

How to care for your live edge cutting board:

Use mild soap and water to wash away food debris. DO NOT put it in the dishwasher or let it sit in water. Wait about 24 hours before rubbing in food grade mineral oil or coconut oil to keep it hydrated. Do this when the wood starts to look dry.

This is a true heirloom piece that will last forever!

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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