Monogrammed Cutting Boards

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Monogrammed Cutting Boards

Before we dive into monogrammed cutting boards, let's start with the definition and quick history of the monogram. A monogram is a decorative initial(s) put on a possession as a way to brand it as your own. Monogramming has been around literally since the Middle Ages. It all started as a way for artists to claim their art. They would do this by initialing their work. Artists still do this today but we don't really think of it as a monogram even though it is.

The Greeks and Romans would stamp coins. The Greeks would use the first 2 initials of the cities name. The Romans used it as a way to authenticate the coins. But it was Charles the Great who used his initials as a way of communicating power which lead to other military leaders doing the same which lead to widespread use of the monogram still used on everything today, especially in the south!

There is nothing that can't be monogrammed. You can print, embroider, stamp, etch, paint, sand blast, laser engrave, or do what we do and hand-cut out of wood a monogram. A decorative and memorable way to personalize an object.

So, I think it is safe to say, the monogram is alive and well and not going out of style anytime soon. Which leads us to our monogrammed wood cutting boards and other personalized home goods.

Personalize with a monogram

There are one, two and three initial monograms but the most common is the three letter variety which is shown on our wood cutting boards pictured above. These are the smallest wood cutting boards we offer and they are great for serving a sandwich or cutting up citrus.

If you are wondering how to decide the order of the letters, here is some guidance:

If you are single:The order of initials is first name, sir name, middle name . The sir name (also known as last name) is slightly larger. For example, Patrick Ethan Malloy would be PME or Emma Josephine Fuller would be EFJ. Both examples are show above.

Another option is a monogram with the letters all the same size. The order of the letters will be different. In this case the initials are in the same order as the name. For example, Patrick Ethan Malloy would look like PEM or the name Emma Josephine Fuller would be EJF.

Engaged couple: A 3 initial monogram will not work, instead the monogram would be 2 letters consisting of both first names. For example Patrick and Emma could be P + E or P & E.

If you are married:A 3 letter monogram for a married couple only works if the last name is the same. The traditional order is the man's first name, last name, woman's first name. The more modern version is the woman's first name, last name, man's first name.

If the last name is not the same, you would use the initial of both first names. Kim and Mike looks like: K + M or K & M or get creative with the symbol in between the letters. For example, if you both like to sail, the symbol between the letters could be a sailboat.

Same sex couples:Again, the 3 initial monogram would not work but a 2 initial monogram would. You would use the first -first name initials. For instance Emily and Mary would be E & M or E + M or if you both like to bike consider a bike symbol between the initials instead of the traditional ampersand. Get creative!

Single letter monogram

Pictured above and below are examples of our personalized single letter monogram. It's a decorative letter hand-cut out of wood. The one pictured above is maple wood and makes a great cutting board or a serving board. This letter could be someone's first name or last name initial. It's that simple, no rules to follow, it doesn't matter the order because it's only one letter. If you choose the first name initial as the monogram you know that will probably never change. So if the recipient is single but might marry this is the way to go.

We also offer this personalized style on a longer cutting board shown in walnut wood below. The dark wood makes for a beautiful backdrop for just about anything you want to put on it. We also add rubber feet to the bottom so it is non-skid.

The two trivets pictured above with the decorative monograms K and S are made from maple wood and add a personal style to your kitchen or table. Plus, they protect the surface from marks a hot plate would leave. Think of them as big coasters. But you could also cut a lemon or lime on the corner where the wood isn't cut.

Single initial monogram is the easiest because it is only one letter but you can't go wrong with whichever monogram you pick. If you are giving monogrammed cutting boards as gifts the recipients will appreciate the time and effort taken to select something special. Plus, it won't be re gifted:)

The best gifts are personalized, it shows you are a thoughtful gift giver. We like to say "Our personalized wood home goods are as much fun to give as they are to receive." We hope you agree.

To see all our monogrammed cutting boards plus other personalization options, click here. If you have any questions or need help or would like to inquire about employee gifts you can email me

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We hope you learned something you didn't know before.The two trivets pictured below are maple wood and add a personal style to your kitchen or table.

Kim Strassner
Kim Strassner

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