Wooden Toys 

We turned our scraps into wooden toys. Great for the Easter basket or stocking!


  • Each Scrapple® contains various shapes and sizes, no two are the exact same.
  • Size of tube: 3 1/2" diameter x 10 1/4” tall
  • Wood: Scrap pieces - Butcher Block - Sustainable Hard Maple, cherry and walnut
  • Does not include paint or brushes.

Here's how they're made:

1) We sift through all the wooden pieces and pick the ones with interesting shapes.

2) We take those pieces and tumble them to soften the edges. 

3) We make them come to life by drilling "eye" holes in some of them, so they look like robots and other creatures.

4) We pack the wooden toys pieces as tightly as we can in a container.

These wooden toys can be painted or just played with as is. Let's get them off their digital devices for an hour!

We believe in creativity and the art of thoughtful gift-giving

We believe Made in America matters for our economy and our Planet.

Each character is hand cut with a scroll saw by one of our very talented artisans.

We use sustainably forested American hardwoods. For each wooden product sold a tree is planted in the U.S.

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