Walnut Cutting Board

A walnut cutting board has a rich and bold dark chocolate color. If you're lucky, you'll see some caramel streaks as well. The deep brown color is a perfect backdrop for all of your favorite foods.

Features & Benefits of Walnut Cutting Boards

🔪 Walnut wood will keep your knives sharp- no one likes a dull knife! If you don't love the scratch marks, you can always cut on the back side or use just as a serving board.

🔪 Our walnut wood cutting boards are butcher block to prevent warping.

🔪 If you're worried about food stains on your cutting board, then the dark color walnut offers may be a better choice for you.

🔪 Walnut isn't as hard as maple, but don't worry- it's perfectly fine to use as a cutting board.

🔪 If you're looking for oohs and aahs, look no further than walnut wood. It will not disappoint!

Personalized Walnut Cutting Boards

We offer the walnut wood cutting boards in many sizes and they all can be personalized. Below are a few of our most popular styles.

Our round walnut cutting board comes in many sizes. A unique way to serve up all your creations.

This walnut cutting board was featured on the Drew Barrymore Show in March 2021! Who doesn't want their name on a board?

If you have 15 letters this style cutting board is the perfect fit. The walnut wood is so gorgeous!

This unique oval shape walnut cutting board is often used as a serving board. .

We love the organic shape of this walnut live edge cutting board! The dark to light wood color is a feature of walnut live edge.

Great for grilling season and the meat carving holidays. Plus, it's reversible! One sloped side + one flat side.

Your new personalized walnut cutting board is too nice to put away. A great way to display it is with our Cutting Board Holder. Sold only on our web site.

Walnut Cutting Board Care


Walnut cutting boards need some TLC to keep them looking new. Below is our step-by-step guide to ensure your board will last a lifetime

1) Repeat after me, "DO NOT put my cutting board in the dishwasher or let it sit in water."

Ok, now say it again because if you do either of these things, your board will be ruined.

2) After each use simply wash your board with mild soap and water.

3) Let your board dry standing up or if you lay it down, make sure the air can circulate around it.

4) After it has dried for 24 hours it is ready for some hydration.

Food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil is best. Spray or wipe on, rub in and let it all soak in.

5) After you use your walnut cutting board for the first time, the wood grain will raise and it won't be as smooth as it was before you used it. No worries, if you want to make is smooth again, just use some 320 grit sand paper to smooth it out.

5) Repeat these steps as needed.

Wooden Cutting Board Types

Are you interested in exploring the other Wooden Cutting Board Types we offer here at Words with Boards? We have created the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect cutting board wood for you. Check it out below!

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