SERIOUSLY Gluten Free ~ Round Cutting Board

New Gluten Free Products from Words with Boards.

Our Gluten Free products include cutting boards in many shapes and sizes and they can also be personalized (link to personalized SGF board page). If you or someone you know has a shared kitchen, a cutting board that is clearly marked gluten free can be extremely useful in preventing cross contamination. Gluten free cooking isn’t a choice for people with celiac disease if they want to stay healthy. In this day and age gluten free cooking is easier than ever.

My good friend Jules of GF Jules is celiac and she has a line of must have gluten free cooking essentials. Click here to visit her website.

We have added a hole on the upper left side which can be used to hang the cutting board or for a small bowl.

Wood type is American hard maple 
Gluten free Cooking Cutting Board size 14" x 1 1/8”. The hole is 1 5/8” diameter
Weighs  5 ½ lbs
We make our cutting boards butcher block so that they do not warp. The wood is from sustainable forests.  
Ships in 2-3 days.

Easily maintain your gluten free cooking cutting board with food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil. Most other oils including, but not limited to olive oil, vegetable oil or canola oil are not good to use as they go rancid over time. Never put you wood cutting board in the dishwasher or let sit in water. Care instructions are included.
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American Made in Baltimore, Maryland

We believe in creativity and the art of thoughtful gift-giving

We believe Made in America matters for our economy and our Planet.

Each character is hand cut with a scroll saw by one of our very talented artisans.

We use sustainably forested American hardwoods. For each wooden product sold a tree is planted in the U.S.

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