Please see instructions below for all of our wood products requiring special care.

Care Instructions: Wood Cutting Board

Your wood cutting board will last forever and will be your most beloved kitchen item if you keep it hydrated. Please follow the instructions below.

Clean your wood cutting board. After each use, clean your cutting board with mild soapy water. To sanitize it, sprinkle some coarse salt on the board and rub with half a lemon or baking soda. Let it stand upright to dry.
Oil your wood cutting board. After the board is clean and completely dry, spray your cutting board with our food-grade mineral oil with lemon essential oil. Make sure you get in between those letters! We do not recommend using any oil made of vegetable or animal fat as these oils may go rancid.
Let it soak. Let the food-grade mineral oil soak in as long as possible (overnight is best) and wipe off excess with a lint-free cloth.
Repeat. You should repeat these steps when the board feels dry. More often in the beginning and less often over time.
Restore. Return your cutting board to its original finish by hand-sanding the surface with 320 grit sand paper. Wipe off with damp cloth then follow instructions from step #2.

Please read our blog for an even more indepth description on how to clean your cutting board.

Care Instructions: Meat Board

Our Meat boards will arrive to you finished with a beeswax/mineral oil coating. This gives the board a thin seal of wax which protects the surface from water penetration. When the board looks or feels dry follow the care instructions above for wood cutting boards. You can use food-grade mineral oil, butcher block paste or conditioner with beeswax to condition the board.

Care Instructions: Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s purchased from our website or a retail store have been coated with a finish that is NOT food-safe. DO NOT use as a cutting surface. To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe down surface.

If you purchased your Lazy Susan from UncommonGoods it was treated with a coating of mineral oil and beeswax and it is food-safe. Please follow the care instructions above for wood cutting boards.

Care Instructions: Trivet

The care instructions for our trivets are the same as the wood cutting board instructions above.

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