Well, to start, trees are a symbol of strength and wisdom. And, the thought is by the fifth year, the marriage is also developing these same traits. Wood is durable and a wood cutting board carved with the couple’s name, is a symbol that the marriage will be the same. So wood it is!

Everyone needs a cutting board, right? So, of course, we agree the ideal fifth anniversary gift is wood and a wood cutting board fits the bill perfectly. Imagine this: a personalized cutting board with names on top and anniversary date engraved on the bottom (see details below). Add in a bottle of bubbly, some cheese and chocolate, and voila, an excellent fifth anniversary gift. Not to mention a great start to the next five years.

Technically, we have etiquette maven Emily Post to thank for wood’s appearance on fifth anniversary wish lists. In her book Etiquette, which was published back in 1922, she assigned “traditional” gifts to different anniversary years.

Her specific motivations around including wood for #5 are lost to history, but I like to think it had everything to do with strength and durability over time, and the way wood weathers and becomes even more beautiful as it ages – just like a good marriage. Plus, also like marriage, wood is even more beautiful and vibrant when it is well-cared for.

The combination of wood and weddings holds a special, personal place in my heart: my husband and I started Words with Boards during our fifth year of marriage. How symbolic is that!? The business has definitely tested our strength and durability and we are happy to say that we are still going strong, just like the wood we carve everyday.

For a limited time, we’re offering a laser-engraved date on the bottom of any personalized board at no cost. A perfect spot for your wedding date so you will never forget! There is no coupon code needed – just enter the date in the “Special Instructions” section when you order.

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